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Nok-nok-nokiaing on heaven’s door

Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh

Nokia and Microsoft have announced an alliance whereby Nokia will use Microsoft Windows on its new models of smartphones, beginning in 2013.

Will that save Nokia?

At Vox Sapiens we think Read more

CFOs should put their heads in the cloud

And save some money

As I perform my day job, as a management consultant with a bias towards IT, and the alignment of IT with business, I continue to be amazed at how CFOs are ignoring cloud computing.

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Financial Services – next recruitmentfest?

What value will be added by the next round of recruitment?

Every economic downturn the financial services industry sheds a large tranche of employees, pointing to the high proportion of total costs represented by personnel, and the need to reduce cost:income ratios.

Then the upturn comes, accompanied by a frenzy. But what value do these new recruits deliver? Read more

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