Islamic doughnuts

Möbius strips, Klein bottles and other religious taboos

So the ridiculous hoax about Muslims and doughnuts has resurfaced? For four years this has been discredited but it continues to reappear periodically.

So let’s take it a little further.

What is a doughnut?

Well mathematically it’s a torus. So if a torus is haram, does that mean that Muslims are not able to live in this universe (given that the most recent theory is that the universe that we live in has a three-torus topology)?.

Given their similarities, can Muslims therefore not drink from Klein bottles?

Can they not eat bacon due to the risk of twisting the rashers into a Möbius strip?

If a torus exists in a universe with one additional dimension compared to the number that it possesses itself (i.e. a conventional torus is 2D embedded in a 3D world, a circle is 1D represented in a 2D world), then are Muslims condemned to live in a world where they miss the experience of one of the dimensions?

Why are people so gullible? Why can such ridiculous rumors continue to circulate on the Internet?

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