One IOTA worth a lot

An Internet of Things and Animals

Animals appear to have a sixth sense. For example, they appear to exhibit unusual behavior before a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.

If we could connect animals to the IOT, we would have a global network of sensors that could be used to anticipate natural disasters and mitigate the impact.

But how would we do this?

Firstly, wireless connectivity would obviously be required. And we would need a mechanism to ensure that the radio waves do not interfere with the animals’ sensing abilities.

Secondly, the sensors would need to be very robust, very small, require very little power.

Thirdly, we would need real time big data processing to handle the feeds arriving from all over the world in order to perform correlation and filter out the background statistical noise to identify the patterns that indicate a disaster.

Fourthly, we would need a mechanism to continuously maintain the placement of sensors. And with most animals having much shorter lifespans than humans, this would appear to use to be an ongoing task (like painting the Forth Bridge).

So yes, it appears quite a challenge.

But if we could overcome it, we’re looking at a major improvement in early warning signals for some natural disasters. Surely it’s worth investigating?

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