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On the day of the terrorist attack in Nice, Fatima Manji was scheduled to present the evening news on Britain’s Channel 4. The newsreader roster had been prepared 10 days earlier.

As one might surmise from the name, Fatima is Muslim. So was the terrorist.

Purely coincidental one might assume; but Fatima’s faith prompted an outburst by Kelvin MacKenzie.

Kelvin MacKenzie, famously referred to as a “racist idiot” by entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, is a former editor of “The Sun,” the British, right wing tabloid.

During his time at The Sun he was responsible for overseeing the publication of many stories that were reported for racism, insensitivity and other libelous reasons. In particular, coverage of Australian Aborigines and of the Hillsborough disaster, received significant attention, opposition and complaints.

Now he’s at it again, with an article in his old stomping ground, The Sun, asking why Channel 4 News had a presenter wearing a hijab to convey the news about the terrorist attack.

So does MacKenzie think that all 1.6 billion Muslims think in the same way and support the terrorist and his ideas? Does he think that Ms Manji is incapable of simultaneously being a Muslim and disagreeing with the terrorist and his ideas?

Thankfully MacKenzie’s latest racist, narrow-minded verbiage has shown that there are plenty who disagree with him. Even after the post-Brexit public displays of racism, less than 24 hours after MacKenzie’s diatribe more than 800 complaints had been received by Ipso, the (British) Independent Press Standards Organisation.

Ms Manji has also produced a great reply herself, in the Liverpool Echo, the local newspaper in a part of Britain at the top of MacKenzie’s list of locations to disparage whenever possible.

So MacKenzie thinks that a Muslim cannot impartially report on a crime by another Muslim. Yet how many times did he allow a male journalist to report on a male-on-female rape?

Hypocrisy indeed.

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  1. TheVoice says:

    Update 22 August 2016. Ofcom, the (UK) Office of Communications – the regulator of TV, radio and telecoms – has rejected complaints over Fatima Manji presenting the Channel 4 News on the day of the Nice terrorist attacks. After MacKenzie called for people to complain, only 17 heeded that call (MacKenzie himself didn’t follow through and complain).

    Since the original blog post, the number of complaints ABOUT MacKenzie has swelled to over 1900.

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