Google breakup? Now Europe gets it wrong

On the Internet four years behind USA as usual

Now the European Parliament has weighed into the battle, four years behind the US Consumer Watchdog, calling for a resolution that Google be broken up.

See this NYTimes blog article, for example.

This is going over old ground … very old ground.

We discussed it here.

Four and a half years later our opinion is unchanged.

In fact, Google is becoming less powerful. Facebook is a much stronger competitor in the advertising space than it was four and a half years ago. And Google’s search, whilst still the market leader, is less important as social networks have made search engines less important.

Now there is always the possibility that this is just posturing to keep Google in check. But if it is not, here at VoxSapiens we repeat our opinion from 2010 – Google is not the top of the list of targets of Internet companies to be considered for a break up.

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