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Where is the legislation that requires rear crumple zones?

When a car driver drives into the car in front, he or she has a fair chance of survival – because the law requires a crumple zone in the front of the vehicle to absorb the energy dissipated by the rapid deceleration.

But what of the passengers in the rear seats of that car that was hit from behind?

Well unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for a crumple zone to protect them.

Even worse, if these passengers are occupying the rearmost seats in a “people carrier” their seats are likely to be between four and six inches from the rear door. In effect those passengers become the crumplezone that protects the other people in the vehicle.

Believe it or not, when 29.5 percent of collisions involve being hit from behind (1), in many countries there is no legislation that requires impact resistance testing analogous to the requirements for front and side collisions.


At Vox Sapiens we believe that there is an urgent need for such legislation. Today.


(1) – http://www.ntsb.gov/doclib/safetystudies/SIR0101.pdf


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