The end of Open Source ?

The GPL debate will run and run

Over the last few days a debate has flared up over the GPL (the GNU General Public License). Specifically, the debate relates to the refusal of DIYThemes to release its WordPress Thesis theme under the GPL.

The details of the debate encapsulate a major nerdfest, with legal and technical nerds crawling out of their boxes and greeting the world. But beyond this, the debate has much wider implications.

In fact, at Vox Sapiens we wonder whether this debate will be seen as the tipping point that identifies the crest of the Open Source wave. We think that, maybe, the strength of the Open Source movement will wane from this moment because of the fear and confusion that is being created.

The heart of the current debate itself centers upon what constitutes a derivative work, because the GPL license mandates that any derivative work of a GPL-licensed product must inherit the GPL license. The representatives from the WordPress developers claim that themes written for WordPress are derivative works – and therefore must be distributed under the terms of the GPL. This means that customers who pay for a premium theme are then able to give away copies of this theme (recipients of these copies would not be entitled to support from the theme developers).

Many premium theme developers have been persuaded to adopt the GPL, but DIYThemes refuses to do so and the representatives of the WordPress developers are being urged to take legal action.

The case of DIYThemes is, legally, a bit of a red herring because a former employee has admitted that lines of original WordPress code have been copied and pasted into the Thesis theme. So it is pretty clear that DIYThemes would lose a copyright case on this point. But many commentators are blurring the issue by not differentiating between the “copypasta” and the definition of a derivative work.

To make matters worse, many commentators are also suggesting that customers of DIYThemes are also legally liable for using the Thesis theme, even though the GPL applies to distribution and not users.

The Vox Sapiens opinion is that the debate has escalated into one with only one possible outcome – and that is lose-lose. Furthermore, we see this war as different to previous technical or legal disagreements in the Open Source arena, and we predict the slow decline of Open Source as a result.

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